The Message: Following God’s Directions

On this weeks Lyrical & Spritual Radio Show, Poetic Prophet discussed the topic of Following God’s Directions. In the book of 1 Kings, in the story of Elijah and the ravens, we find 5 tips on how to follow God’s directions.

Point 1. He will talk to you.
Point 2. He gives perfect directions.
Point 3. It might not make sense.
Point 4. Do it anyway
Point 5. He’ll do what he said.

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The Album Review: Carita Cole – Under Construction

Carita Cole has several projects in the Google Play store and this was the latest.  It’s a 2015 release called Under Construction that has 20 tracks discussing everything from being judged and still having faith, to saying no to premarital sex.. Read the full review.

Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show #10 Playlist

Song 1: Dab on the devil – 2 Crunk
Song 2: Crown – Tre Cosmos
Song 3: I’m Reppin – Justified
Song 4: So Excited – Feet
Song 5: Scream So Loud – QStone
Song 6: Backstabbers – JT
Song 7: Loopholes – Rifica
Song 8: Pharisee – Educator
Song 9: All Glory All Praise – Lil Drew
Song 10 – Don’t Judge Me – Carita Cole
Song 11 – Hallelujah – Carita Cole
Song 12 – Churchin – Carita Cole
Song 13 – I Made It – Carita Cole
Song 14 – All I know – Carita Cole