My Brothers Keeper part 1
Point 1: Prepare For Your Brothers
Point 2: Protect Your Brothers
Point 3: Provide For Your Brother

We learned in this episode as Joseph’s brother’s return to Egypt for more food that, there are a few things you have to do when caring for your brothers, friends and/or family.

Album Review: The Narrative – Show Baraka
The Narrative, is definitely grown up music. The production reminds me of a late evening in a jazz lounge where you just vibing. Matter of fact, Sho mentioned the phrase “Trap Jazz” more than once. That is exactly what it is. It’s loaded with laid back songs that have a live band feel to them. His lyricism and education was…read more


Song 1:  On The Regular – AJ McQueen
Song 2:  God Son – Django
Song 3:  Reconcile – Dearly Departed feat Pyrexx
Song 4:  Joshua 168 – Flexin On Em
Song 5:  Bizzle – Ride Out
Song 6:  Rifica – Fight
Song 7:  Problems – Sicily
Song 8:  On Jehova Side – Mouthpi3ce
Song 9:  Crown – Tre Cosmos
Song 10: Holy Ghost – Vision Team
Song 11:  Excellent – Sho Baraka
Song 12: Words – Sho Baraka
Song 13: Kanye – Sho Baraka
Song 14: Here – Sho Baraka
Song 15: Profhet – Sho Baraka
Song 16: Soul – Sho Baraka
Song 17: Foreword – Sho Baraka
Song 18: Road to Humble – Sho Baraka
Song 19: Fathers – Sho Baraka

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Posted by Charles Lewis on Wednesday, November 9, 2016