The Message: Performing In The Clutch

On this weeks Lyrical & Spritual Radio Show, Poetic Prophet discussed the topic of Performing in the Clutch. In the book of 2 Samuel, in the story of David and Goliath, we find 6 tips on how to perform at our best when times are serious.

Point 1: Recognize The Situation
Point 2. Determine What is at Stake
Point 3: Reflect On Past Victories
Point 4: Work With What You Got
Point 5: Do It In Jesus Name
Point 6: Finish The Job

The Album Review: Dre OG – The Takeova

Dre OG released this album, The Takeova in late 2015.  It is a holy ghost filled album that tells the story of a man from the streets of Htown who made some bad choices and paid the cost for those choices.  In doing so, God changed his life and gave him a testimony that he has set out share with the world…hence the name, the Takeova. Get you a copy today.  Read Full Album Review.

Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show #7 Playlist

Song 1: Weather The Storm – The Vision Team
Song 2: Reign – I Am Justified
Song 3: Scream So Loud – Q Stone
Song 4: I Need Your Love – Cole Rose
Song 5: Loopholes – Rifica
Song 6: Sunrise – Urgency
Song 7: David & goliath – Poetic Prophet
Song 8: Forsaken – Immortal
Song 9: Who Can You Run To – JT
Song 10: Unashamed – Dre OG
Song 11: My City – Dre OG
Song 12: Kingdom Business – Dre OG
Song 13: Victory – Dre OG
Song 14: #DabOnDaDevil – II Crunk 4 Jesus